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It’s not every day that I get to shoot for me or that the success of my shooting is dependent one someone else’s expectation. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE my clients, their stories, and hearing about what is most important to them. But I think that everyone who is known as a “creative”, whether that be with photography, music, design, or even performance, should find time to express themselves FOR themselves. That’s what I got to do a few weeks ago just outside Atlanta. I attended my first in-state workshop called “The Pretty Peach Workshop”. It was hosted by a crew of strong women who are entrepreneurs and taking the world by storm! For more info about all these women and their amazing businesses, check out their links below!

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I decided to attend this workshop when I heard it was going to focus on business and blogging. I’m not the best blogger out there. Who is? It’s tedious and time consuming. But I knew that in order to establish practical lessons in my life that would make my business better, I knew I there were things I needed to learn. Two of the BIGGEST tips I came away with were “Jump into the conversation” and “Question the Rules”. These quotes really struck a cord with me. I realized I have something to say with my photography and I don’t need to worry about the right or wrong way to do it. I believe that I am a story teller. Not just a Documentary or Lifestyle photographer, but someone who has a story to tell and who wants to tangibly tell the stories of those around me. We all come from somewhere right? Well I believe there are creative ways to tell show the world who you are, and I choose photography. The past year, God has showed me who I am in more ways then I EVER thought possible. It’s incredible to see his faithfulness throughout my life and I think it all brought me to the point in my life where I’m ready to step into my identity. I never thought I would be a photographer. I had other plans and dreams. But that’s the thing about God, His ways are not my ways and His thoughts are not my thoughts.

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Here are a few of my favorite shots from this beautiful workshop. Can’t wait to meet up with these ladies again!


< < < – – Vendors – – > > >

Shelby Rae Photographs : : Photography Teacher

Pastry Shells : : Cake Designer

Victoria Ann Scaglione : : Personalized Drinkware and Gifts

Savannah Kilpatrick : : Floral Design

Genie Wu : : Handmade Decor

Angie Webb Creative : : Designer and BTS Photographer

Christina Scalera : : Small Business Attorney

Luisa Hammett : : Lifestyle Blogger for Food Fashion and Beauty

Lanta Carroll : : Letters By Lanta

The Little Peach Workshop - KVC Photography - Tolemac Photographer -

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