NYFW: Taking Your Business from Want to Need!

As quoted by the unmatched Preacher, Bishop T.D. Jakes “The stats say that people who go into business because they want money are apt to go OUT of business 80% of the time. People who go into business who are successful don’t go into business based on their need, they go into business based on their customers need. If your business or church or ministry solves a problem, it requires less marketing. You don’t have to talk me into wanting something that I need – you want your business to be a solution!”


When I heard this quote it sent chills up my spine! It lit a fire in me that I didn’t know what there! It started a revolution in me which has ultimately pioneered my business to where it is today. Working with bloggers and being a photographer that serves THEM has taken my business from want to need.

I know it’s been a while since a last wrote a blog, and this might seem out of the blue but I was inspired to share this information today, because I believe this may be the answer for someone who is struggling in the position of their business. I know it was for me. When I first started working with blogger, earlier this year, I had no idea what I was capable of. I hadn’t learned this lesson yet. I honestly thought I was working and hustling and making money to support myself and a future family. In many ways I justified my pricing for weddings and bloggers as just that – money for me, success for me, sustainability for me and that the service I was offering because I liked it, was something that they would want! Now, even though that’s not wrong, something greater then want is need.

A few posts ago, I explained why I was making a transition from weddings to bloggers this year, and even then I didn’t see this clearly. Photography is a vehicle that I can use to serve people and the blogging community doesn’t really have anyone to do that for them well. Bloggers are business owners too. They have collaborations, deadlines, workflow and deliverables and it order for all of that to flow well together they NEED photos that represent their brand, that help streamline their workflow and that will motivate those collaborations (and future collaborations) to hire them again because that blogger and photographer team worked together to create that brands vision! The relationship that I am forming with my clients is based around team work – not just what can I get, but what can I give!

This idea was made most clearly to me this September at New York Fashion Week! Getting to travel with these girls and really see the amount of work and creativity that they put into their jobs helped opened my eyes to what more I can be doing for them. If you know me, you know I love to travel and with bloggers that is becoming a reality for me! It’s like a whole new world has been opened up! Even though I didn’t get to see and experience NYC the way they did, I learned something about myself and my ability that I hadn’t tapped into, and maybe thats you. Maybe you haven’t figured out if what you’re doing now is THE thing you are supposed to be doing, and that’s ok. Even if it’s not, it is the the thing that will lead you to it!

Here’s a few of my favorite shots from September’s NYFW with Loverly Grey, Sell Eat Love, City Peach and Southern Tail Winds – Brittany, Lindsey, Mireille, and Analeise! :D



This blog is dedicated to none other then Sarah Chancey of Chancey Charm. Without her encouragement, guidance, and example, I couldn’t have made it this far! I love you Sarah! You are so beautiful inside and out and I better for knowing someone like you! :D