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Published: The Celebration Society | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

One of my goals for 2016 was to submit more work for publication and I’m happy to say I was able to check that off! Back in May I submitted a collaborative styled shoot for online publication to The Celebration Society and it not only was picked up for their blog but also their Fall Print!…

Marissa+Dennis | Berry College Engagement Photographer - KVC Photography -

[…] in this June on Instagram to get a sneak peak from their wedding! Also check back to my last blog about getting published in my first wedding magazine! Maybe we’ll see these two in one some day! […]

SOOC Video Blog

      Hey friends! This last week or so has been CRAZY! So amazing and fast and I have wanted to share about it so I decided to make a video blog! I couldn’t get this one to upload on my site so you can find it here! I really hope you like it…

SOOC | Behind the Scenes Edit

Well, I had a bump in the road. I skipped my blog last week. I didn’t realize what a challenge it would be to post every week! The first two weeks of May have been insane! I had countless meetings and shoots AND I shot one of the most physically challenging weddings to date, that…

Shelly -

I love this! I paused it so many times trying to see how you did certain things… you lost me lol! Now I know I really need to google a couple of things with lightroom! Thanks for sharing… this is so neat!