Blogger Photography 101 | Atlanta GA

This year I have narrowed my photography focus to working with bloggers. Over the summer I made this video so please excuse the quality. hahaha! However, I thought it was still important to share it. I met with Brittany of LoverlyGrey and I talked about how I approach photographing bloggers. People ask me about it all the time, so I thought I would make a video about some of the basics and elements I photograph every single session! Blogger Photography is so much more intentional then we think and that’s why I wanted to make this video. After all, blogger’s have a business and a concept of their own, and I try to help bring that to life. :D  Here is that video!



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Here are those images that I shared in the video! All settings are listed in the description box on the video! Let me know what you thought of this little insight to my business and what you want to see next! :D