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This year I really wanted to get creative. KVC Photography is going to be 4 years old in just a few days and I felt like it was time to really start giving back.

I started doing client gifts at the beginning of 2014. My first gift for Nikki and Chris was a small coffee table album. ( This is not their album. It is my current Sample for my base collection.)


Then I thought that the gift of a canvas with their favorite photo went to Kelsey and Cody, Kate and Andy, and Amelia and Justin. ( Both Kelsey and Kate made the sweetest post about their canvas and Amelia sent me the sweetest note!)


Then at the end of the year I wanted to thank my very first wedding couple, Marium and Phil, by gifting them an anniversary session and get them back in their wedding clothes and celebrate their love! Can you believe we found these background of trees and BAMBOO in Atlanta? wow!





But toward the holidays this past year, I really wanted to do something personal for their gift so I made it. I put all the components together and included some chocolates, some hand-made soap and some prints with a thank you letter. I decided that making the client gift was very in touch with the brand that I have been creating. I strive to produce intimate and personal wedding images that my couples can keep as an heirloom for years and year to come so by making their gifts myself, I’m able to mirror that brand to them in an even more personal and long lasting gift.



I spent a lot of time on the envelopes and the Thank You background because they were all handwritten. I just spent a bunch of time looking at my Pinterest page and recreating the calligraphy. I LOVE typography and writing and i’m always doodling so I thought it would add a special touch to it!



I actually got the materials for the Box and twine from Michael’s Craft Store and Office Depot for less then $10 dollars! The boxes were the last two left and I was so thankful to find them! They were the perfect size! They made it really easy to organized all the gifts, especially the photos! I gave these clients an assortment of some of my personal fave photos from their wedding. Both 4×6 and 5×7! Turns out they were THEIR faves too! Love it!



The next part was really “sweet” ahaha. It is hand crafted chocolate toffee from B. Toffee in California. I got this idea from one of Jasmine Star‘s client gifts but I really liked it because I know my clients. They love chocolate just like me which makes us the BEST match. Plus its always exciting to bring some west coast charm to the city of Atlanta. Not to mention it’s delicious!!! :)



The last part was my FAVORITE part of the whole gift! These soaps are hand-made in the Blue Ridge Mtns. They are a glycerin based soap and are hypoallergenic. No dyes, No preservatives, No artificial ingredients! There are tons of different scents for whether you want to relieve some stress with TeaTree, Lavender, and Spearmint or melt into a Oatmeal and Honey paradise! My very dear friend Jenny Anna runs Miss Jenny’s Soaps on Easy and makes these soaps with her whole family and shows them at fairs up and down the southeast. I have two myself and I also used them for Christmas gifts for my mama! They are AMAZING! She also hand makes the dishes! I chose Maple Leaf!



The final touch was the bow. Two completely different clients, two completely different bows! haha! One wedding was very tradition and polished and got the very elegant purple bow and the other was rustic and earthy so they got the Twine Bow. I think both gifts were specific to each client and they really motivated me to continue making person client gifts. They love it and its so much fun for me! I’m obsessed with crafts! haha



For more information or for some crafting inspiration, check out my pinterest page and “Get Your Craft On”!

Ruth Bloch -

Totally awesome idea and some serious food for thought…Thnaks!