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Starting from $350

What most photographers don't realize is that blogging is a business too! That is what I have come to realize working with some of Atlanta's top bloggers in the indusry. My goal as your photographer is to expedite your workflow with quick turn-around, give you variety in your images that will be appealling to your followers, and give you affordable consistancy so that you never miss posting that next collaboration! My sessions start at $350 for 1 session a month and go up from there to 2 sessions a month!

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FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS: I love getting feedback and engagement on social media with your questions about my equipment, how I got started, or how to market to bloggers. This year I really want to invest back in you so we can both grow together. If you are interested in One-On-One Mentoring please email me at with the subject "One-On-One" and I will send info on the different services I am offering this year! Can't wait to meet you! :D 

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Currently all yearly commitments for 2018 are booked! Please leave your name & email to be added to the waitlist & first to be notified when a session spot opens up!

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