Atlanta Blogger Photographer | Why I Made the Switch to Bloggers

I’ve mentioned recently that I’ve had the opportunity to work with several top Atlanta bloggers. Now that I’m filling up my time with bloggers, I thought I should share why I am making the switch from photographing weddings to bloggers. The Atlanta blogger scene is larger than I originally thought. I worked with my first blogger last fall and in researching the industry, I noticed that bloggers were no longer hobbyists, but running their own businesses. I knew that photography was an integral part of the blogging world, and that I could serve them in a huge way by tailoring my collections to fit their business needs.


Niching down over these last few months has given me so much confidence and freedom in my work. I’ve put together the 5 reasons I love being an Atlanta blogger photographer! 

1. Relationship with Bloggers

As much as I loved my brides, after the wedding day, my communication with them was minimal and I rarely worked with them again. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am such a people person! I hated how short my relationships with my brides were.

With each of my collections, I meet with my girls at least 2x a month, and most of them are repeat clients each month. So that means I get to build amazing relationships with them as we work together to grow their brand and mine!

atlanta blogger photographer

atlanta blogger photographer

2. Recurring Revenue

As a wedding photographer, I couldn’t count on having a wedding every month. As the wedding photography business continues to grow, it can be hard to stand out above the noise. The way I have my collections set up for bloggers, I know how many I can take each month and can bank (pun intended) on that exact amount. Plus, I get to be more flexible with my schedule and not have to work weekends ;-)

atlanta fashion blogger photographer

atlanta blogger photographer

3. Allows for more Creativity

When I shot weddings only, brides would pick me for my style. This means that most of the time my wedding albums looked pretty similar, and that was amazing for my brides, but doesn’t work too well with bloggers. Bloggers have their own style and their own brand, and through my photography and edits, we enhance the brand they have. For each blogger, I create an editing style that matches them and only them. I love this because I don’t get in a routine edit mode any more.

atlanta blogger photographer

atlanta blogger photographer

4. Learning more about Social Media

We all know that the Instagram algorithm is constantly changing, but the goal is for my bloggers to gain a more engaging following every day. Just as much as they have to stay on top of the changes, I do as well in order to service their needs better. I stay on top of the social media trends as well, again, in order to help them grow their visibility.

5. Better Work-Life Balance

Because I generally know my schedule for the month, I can guarantee my bloggers a quick turnaround time for their photos. Sales happen all the time, and they need their photos back sooner than a couple on their honeymoon. Some might think that this would cause an imbalance in my life, but I have learned how to edit for each blogger’s brand and how to successfully use my camera in the hours we work together to make the process easier on us all. I know what types of shots to get for them and have confidence in my ability to get all of those shots.

atlanta blogger photographer

This change in my business makes me really excited! I love the relationship I have with each of my Atlanta blogger girls and love being apart of growing their businesses. There are also some fun things coming down the pipe (hello, YouTube!), but for now just expect a new post from me each week. They will focus on recent shoots, upcoming travel, and some tips and tricks in a Blogtography 101 series! I am traveling this fall, so stay tuned for open dates when I might be shooting in your area!

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[…] A few posts ago, I explained why I was making a transition from weddings to bloggers this year, and even then I didn’t see this clearly. Photography is a vehicle that I can use to serve people and the blogging community doesn’t really have anyone to do that for them well. Bloggers are business owners too. They have collaborations, deadlines, workflow and deliverables and it order for all of that to flow well together they NEED photos that represent their brand, that help streamline their workflow and that will motivate those collaborations (and future collaborations) to hire them again because that blogger and photographer team worked together to create that brands vision! The relationship that I am forming with my clients is based around team work – not just what can I get, but what can I give! […]