Alexa + Daniel Wedding | Atlanta Wedding Photography

Alexa + Daniel’s Wedding was more then just two people getting married. Alexa and I have been best friends for 6 years and we have been through every emotion that two friends can experience, but for this day – there is no emotion that can describe my feelings as I witnessed her walk down the isle to the LITERAL man of her dreams. Her perfect match. Her prince! It was breath-taking.

Of course I was crying behind the lens but for so many reasons. The opportunity to be her photographer meant I got to be with her the entire day! Every moment, every plan, every detail, I was a part of and that’s what we wanted. We wanted to walk this road together and that’s what we did! It was an honor to be a part of this day. Alexa and Daniel were married on “The Land”, as the Newsome’s affectionately call it, just outside of Atlanta, which is where Daniel and his family grew up. I still remember the text I received of their driveway lit up with sunshine and Alexa wrote “11.12.16 Be there”. Haha. Alexa has always been very straight forward and to the point. LOL!

I also remember when Alexa came home from her first date with Daniel. She and I were roommates for much of their relationship. I could see her holding back tears as she described him. The same tears she shed, as she wrote him a letter on the day of their wedding. The first thing I noticed about Daniel was how respectful he was of her. How chivalrous. He smiled a genuine smile as he greeted her friends and he welcomed her into his life with such a warm protection. He was very careful to treat their whole relationship with the utmost care, which speaks volumes of how he was raised. Within the first month, I told Alexa as we sat on the couch in C12 (our little bulkhead loft) and she tearfully asked me “what do you REALLY think of him?” – I said that I have never seen her light up for anyone or anything the way she did for Daniel Jumper Newsome. I stood corrected on their wedding day! Their joy and excitement was contagious! Every brilliant detail of their day, they both deserved ten-fold!

If it’s possible, I fell in love with wedding photography all over again on 11.12.16. Watching their story from the beginning really showed me that I want my images to be as precious and as beautiful as the stories they tell! I want to be more then just a vendor on the wedding day. I want my brides to feel like they have an extra friend their to celebrate with them. And additionally, I want to be there as their family grows. The years that follow, I want to be there! So if you are new here, welcome. You couldn’t have picked a better place to start! :D

Here are a few of my favorites from Alexa + Daniel’s Wedding Day!




A Letter to the Bride and Groom: Lex. Daniel. We did it! haha! It has been such a blessing in my life to see you’re love grow the last 2+ years! Thank you so much for trusting me with this day. Thank you for believing in me and taking chances on all the silly and crazy stuff I made you do! haha! Thank you for sticking it out in the heat during engagements. Thank you for making me a part of the family! I love you both so much! I can’t wait for the year ahead! #NewsomeTwosome <3  


CEREMONY VENUE: Groom’s childhood home, “The Land.”

RECEPTION VENUE: Groom’s childhood home, “The Land.” – Washington GA

BRIDAL SUITE: The Fitzpatrick Hotel – Washington GA

COORDINATOR: Hayley Brotherton


FLORIST: Adaptation Floral Design – @adaptationfloraldesign

CAKE ARTIST: Southern Scratch Bakery

BAND/DJ: 2 DJs and a Mic – @2djsandamic

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Gina Rickicki

HAIR ARTIST: Cathi Chandler Hair and Makeup


TUXES: Ralph Lauren Suit

OFFICIANT: Jacqueline Johnson

BRIDAL GOWN: Designed by Pronovia, purchased at Sweet Elegance Bridal

CALLIGRAPHY & DESIGN: Leen Machine Calligraphy